What is Work Placement

Work placement is a way of preparing senior school and TAFE students for employment. Students studying Vocational Education and Training (VET) courses as part of their Higher School Certificate (HSC) are given the opportunity to learn practical skills through experience and practice in the workplace. Most courses have a minimum of 70 hours of mandatory structured work placement over two years.

Host work placement employers assist schools and colleges to prepare young people for the workplace by providing meaningful workplace learning opportunities. Host employers are acknowledged by the wider community as highly valued contributors to the next generation of the Australian workforce.

Benefits of work placement

By actively participating in work placements, students can:

  • develop knowledge, skills and attitudes which are relevant to and recognised within a wide range of employment, training and further education settings
  • learn work ethics, team work and the meaning of responsibility
  • gain maturity and confidence through participating in an adult work environment
  • make informed decisions in evaluating future career choices

The coordination of structured workplace learning is funded by the State of New South Wales through its Department of Education under the Structured Workplace Learning Program and in conjunction with schools administered by the Catholic Education commission NSW and the Association of Independent Schools of NSW.

Work Placement Process

Work placement - Young People

Work Placement Ready

    Student completes Go2workplacement program in class and receives Work Placement Ready Certificate

Work placement - Young People

Pathways Student Registration

    Student completes online Pathways Student Registation in class

Work placement - Young People


    Student receives letter confirming work placement and Student Placement Record

Work placement - Young People


    Student organises and attends interview with host employer

Work placement - Young People


    Work Placement commences

Work placement - Young People


    Student completes online evaluation in class

Work placement - Young People


    Student receives Work Placement Certificate for successful work placement

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